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Here are a few things to consider when deciding on who to record with.

All Studios are not created equal

If all recording engineers and studios were equal, then the cheapest hourly rate would be the best value. In reality, there is a big difference in the quality of production from one studio to another. While the better engineers and studios cost more per hour, they end up using less studio time while producing a better product. So the client ends up with a much better product in less time.

Hourly rates can be misleading.

More is better. Or is it? If you are shopping for cheap studio rates, you are certain to find them. If your goal is to find and buy a large quantity of the cheapest studio time, then go for it. If, however, your goal is to produce the best-recorded product for your dollar, you will need the more experienced producer/engineer in a great facility. In the end, this is always your best value.

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While our Hourly rate is $75, recording veterans seldom do a project on an hourly basis.

A more efficient approach is to work on a project basis. Discuss the overall goals for your recording project with us, and set a reasonable budget for your time and finances. Then we’ll produce your project within these parameters. Instead of being distracted by watching the clock, you can freely concentrate on your project.

Full Measure Productions makes it easy for you to take your project from the idea stage all the way to completion. Session planning help, world-class arrangers, producers and musicians, vocal talent, mastering, midi sequencing – whatever you need for your production, is available. Then when your recording is finished, we can design your CDs graphics package, arrange for duplication (no minimum!), and provide your digital download setup.

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