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Basic Tracks

The initial recording process in which the rhythm instruments are recorded (Drums, Bass, Keyboards, and Rhythm Guitars). This includes the setup, dialing in the best sound quality for each instrument, finding the right mics & placement, setting up preamps, then getting the performance down to the satisfaction of the musicians and producer.

Over Dubs

Additional components of the music added to the basic tracks (Additional Keyboards, Strings, Solo Guitars, Percussion, etc.) All of the above is followed by tracking the lead and backing vocals.


When all the parts have been recorded, the mix process blends each sound against the others, massaging every component into a composite stereo image (aka “2 mix”).


Preparing the final product for duplication and radio airplay as well as digital download. This process places the songs in the correct sequence, and balances their overall volumes, tone, and dynamics to flow from one song to the next, putting the “radio ready touch” on the master CD. This is the least understood part of the process, but can make the difference between a good product and a great product (See “Mastering” in our “Extended Services” section).