From start to finish, Full Measure Productions offers you the services that will take your music to the next level.


The songs you’re hearing on the radio are all mastered. Mastering is critical to having your music compete with other commercial releases. It is the last step after final mix, and before replication. Typically, there are inconsistencies in levels and EQs from one song to the next. This is because each song is recorded separately, usually over a period of days, weeks, or months. In the post-production process (commonly known as mastering), those inconsistencies are “normalized” using EQ, compression, and other dynamics processing to provide consistency from song-to-song. Mastering your collection of music gives your project that “broadcast” sound – Clean, Loud, and Punchy. With a dramatic increase in the use of project & home studios, it is extremely important to have your music mastered by a professional with the experience, equipment, know-how, and “ear” to give your songs that “radio-ready” edge.

Joey has had the privilege of mastering one of his original songs in the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London.


Wow! Take a look at actual wall displays we have created for countless clients. Each display is meticulously assembled by hand – component by component – to ensure the best symmetry. 


Low minimums! From 50 to 10,000 units, Full Measure can replicate your project and put your world-class graphics package together with your master disc, artwork, barcode, and choice of case to deliver a spectacular, retail-ready product for you.


We can arrange for a plethora of spoken-word and voice-over options for virtually any project. You name the style, gender, age range, and accent specifics, and we can have the perfect VO talent deliver your script exactly as you envisioned it. Rates are variable but very reasonable, based on the specifics of the project.


Protect your original songs! Everyone who is involved in music needs help sooner or later with copyright and/or music licensing. We can assist you with preparation of the online documentation and audio upload of your songs to the Copyright Office at the U.S. Library of Congress. Fees vary depending on the number of songs and the specifics of authorship.


We also offer original song critique & consultation. Joey Garza is currently signed to sixteen single-song contracts and has won two national songwriting titles. Joey is eminently qualified to provide reviews of your song’s structure, mechanics, lyric and melody. The single song review includes written feedback. Contact us for pricing details. 


We have world-class graphics designers available at very reasonable rates to give your project the look it takes to sell your music before the consumer even hears a note. Our graphics professionals can also provide you with posters, promotional postcards, buttons, and billboards.